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A ‘Care-Full’© approach to COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 has had a profound affect on us all. The fear of contracting and spreading the virus has changed many of our behaviours. And while fear can be helpful in keeping us safe, it can also have unhealthy side effects.

Of course, it is important for all of us to be vigilant and careful in our response to the pandemic. But rather than leading from a position of fear, I want to shift the focus and put “care” at the centre of our actions.

At Massage Connects, I am committed to supporting the health of every person in our community through a “care-full” approach. Through mindful reflection, common sense and caring actions, we can keep each other safe and get through this together.



Our COVID policies

  • I provide and maintain a safe work environment for me and my clients through mindful reflection, common sense and caring actions.
  • I consider the physical, mental and emotional health and safety of my clients and with those whom I share a work context.
  • I consider the policies and recommendations issued by the CMTO and the Ministry of Health as the best practice standards by which I will follow in order to ensure my safety and the safety of my clients and work environment.
  • My actions will be guided by the four domains of Evidence Informed Practice and will adhere to the CMTO’s Standards of Practice and public health directives issued by the Ministry of Health.

A few COVID-19 reminders:

  • Please text me when you arrive for your appointment and wait in your car until asked to enter the building. You will be notified by text message or I will meet at your vehicle. (519) 495-7321.
  • You should have received a pre-screening form. Please complete this form prior to your appointment. If you have not received a pre-screening form, please contact me.
  • In accordance with Public Health orders, you are required to wear a mask upon entering the building and for the duration of your appointment. Please be sure to bring a mask with you. If wearing a mask during treatment becomes problematic, we will do our best to adjust your position on the table. Otherwise we will end the treatment and bill accordingly.

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